About Wheeli

New Age Hitchhiking

The Wheeli experience is a movement for free-spirited college students looking to expand their horizons… literally. It’s a transportation network where you can post a destination or join a ride – whether it’s a spontaneous adventure to a concert or a more exciting way to get home for the holidays. Wheelsters will split driving costs, make new friends and reduce their carbon footprint by filling empty car seats.

Need some extra cash? Post a ride as a driver and accept Wheelster passenger requests. Wheeli will split all road trip costs, offering driver incentives. The more Wheeli trips you take as a driver, the more money you make.

Looking for a ride? No prob. Log onto your Wheeli account and browse through the destinations. Check out driver ratings and preferences. Find common interests through comparing profiles and request a ride.

Respect your Mother Earth. Do your part and share a ride. Having fewer cars on the road will reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions and improve the air you breathe. And hey, it’s a lot more fun than taking the bus or waking up at the crack of dawn to catch a train.

Join the movement… #TripOnWheeli